Q. Are your products only for the deaf and hard of hearing. 

A. No. Our products are designed to specifically meet the needs of the deaf and the hard of hearing, however, we believe and have customer testimonials that the Pretty Smart Lamp is great for any user. 


Q. Which smartphones are supported by your app?

A. iPhone 5s+ and most Android 4.4+, with BLE included.


Q. Can i make a suggestion for a feature I would like to be included in the lamp?

A. Absolutely! Shoot us an email at info@prettysmarthomes.com, we would love to chat about how we can make the Pretty Smart Lamp more fit to your needs. 


Q. can I get a custom design? 

A. Yes! Shoot us an email at info@prettysmarthomes.com and we can discuss design and pricing. 


Q. Is the pretty Smart lamp portable?

A. Yes, the lamp is lightweight and has a built in battery!