Never again miss a crucial text message, email, calendar alert, weather alert, call, or any other important notification. 


Our Mission

The deaf and hard of hearing are completely underserved by technology. It is our intent to change that by creating smart products that are a great addition to any home, but are designed to especially serve the deaf and hard of hearing.


According to the HLAA...


Percent of Americans have some degree of hearing loss 

Hearing loss is a major public health issue that is the third most common physical condition
after arthritis and heart disease.

48 Million

Americans have a significant
hearing loss.


“Technology should not only be smart, but it should also be beautiful.”


Our Lamp

The Pretty Smart Lamp is crafted of beautiful solid mahogany wood and laser cut and laser etched design.  

-Built in bluetooth allows you to have full control of your lamp with the use of your smartphone
-Helps you find your phone.
-Notifies you of receiving calls, email, texts etc.
-Tap your lamp to turn it on or off

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Your purchase of a Pretty Smart Lamp allows us to donate funds to the Hearing Loss Association of America, as well as develop new products that are especially tailored to serve those with hearing loss. 
Learn about what it's like to live with hearing loss: from the struggles, to the beautiful culture of the community from our blog with features different individuals effected by hearing loss. Share our blog with your friends and family so that together we can raise awareness. 
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Pretty Smart Homes began with the Pretty Smart Lamp which was funded by many individuals through the Kickstarter community. The Pretty Smart Lamp went from vision to reality thanks to the support of our backers.