Built in bluetooth allows you to have full control of your lamp with the use of your smartphone

Helps you find your phone.

Notifies you of receiving calls, email, texts etc.

Tap on your lamp or the app, to illuminate
the lamp of your loved ones, to let them know you are thinking about them.


Helps you wake up along with your alarm clock in your phone

Performs different colors and sequences by having up to 48 addressable LED's, with up to 64,320 mcd's of illumination and 16 million different colors in each pixel.

Helps you set and launch your room preferences when you are in the room by being a beacon

Just to name a few...


Tops – Laser cut and etched designs on acrylic in a rapidly growing number of designs

Bases- Perfectly machined base of solid natural mahogany made in Austin, Texas.



The charger: 5V, 2A of power  

Rechargeable battery: Li-Ion 18650

Sensors: accelerometer to detect the tapping and light

 The SoC that controls the lamp is an ARM cortex M0+, 256kB flash, with an embedded bluetooth smart radio at 2.4GHz running the latest 4.1 version of BLE. 

The SoC talks directly to each one of the 15 or 48 addressable LEDs at 800Kbps, to obtain a very smooth transition of colors and intensities at 60 fps. It also communicates with the different sensors using I2C. 

Each LED produces 16 million different colors, providing up to up to 420 or 1,340 mcd of luminous intensity, consuming up to 0.3 watts. Pretty Smart Lamp also includes a BLE Beacon, which smartphones use to detect which area they are in, hence intuitively showing control of the lamps in that room, as well as the notifications where they can be visible.