Antonio Rodriguez: CEO, Antonio is a serial entrepreneur, hardware and software engineer, technology enthusiast, and is hard of hearing. He has participated in several national and international conferences and task forces on the development of the information age, and is one of the most-recognized technologists in Latin America. Read more about Antonio by visiting his LinkedIn.

Andrea Rust: CDO, Andrea is a visionary revolutionizing deaf and hard of hearing assistive devices by introducing beautiful design and a good user experience. She has many ties to the deaf community, including deaf family members, which has made her sensitive to the need to change how assistive devices look and how they integrate with daily life. She has the ability to create beautiful designs and bring them to life.

Antonio Rodriguez Jr.: Manufacturing and Logistic Antonio has a background in shipping and logistics and is also educated in technological engineering.

Jose Capriles: CTO, EE, Master in robotics, PhD candidate mechanics, turns vision into reality.

Javier Silva: Development, MCS, Architect, Cloud and Android.

Edgar Hernandez: Development, iOS

Tania Vázquez: Web and app designer.


Our team has planned to sit together and discuss our own personal experience with the Pretty Smart Lamp Kickstarter and we plan on sharing it with everyone here. Check back to hear about it! For now, head on over to our Kickstarter to check it out. 


Austin, TX